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Checking and activating the dual-monitor display under Windows

T2S Mobile works on a dual monitor PC system, monitor 1 is used for the operator to control the system and interact with the users, monitor 2 is the output screen, and this is used to connect to your projector or TV screen.

There are two types of graphics cards that have a dual screen output, both have a standard SVGA to connect to your monitor. The second output can either be a composite video output; this can be used to connect directly to a TV or projector using the video input, or is a VGA output, this can be connected to a projector with VGA input or can be converted to a video signal using a scan-converter.

Some graphics cards require you to connect your TV or Projector to the second screen before you can enable it,
To find out what type of second output you have and if it needs to be connected before it can be enabled please consult your owners manual or manufacture for further information.

For WIndows 7 :- Go to Control Panel > Display > Change display settings

Windows 7 Screen Setup
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If you have a dual-screen system you will see the following screen showing the number of available monitors, if you see the below screen then your PC does support dual screen, if not then your PC does not support the required dual screen.

Once you have connected the TV or Projector to the second output

Click on the second screen (2)
Select 800x600 on the screen resolution
Select extend these displays
Click apply.

You need to make sure that screen 2 is to the right of screen one

You should see your desktop on your screens / projector.

If all the above works then congratulations your PC is compatible with T2S Mobile


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